Enables Contactless Mobile Payments, using Soundwaves.


Provide your customers with the best mobile payment experience.


Instant transactions are made with a Tap & Pay experience, through an inaudible soundwave transmitted between a microphone and a speaker.


Proprietary algorithm and Aimazing Tokenization ensure security in every transaction. Each transaction generates a unique, encrypted and inaudible soundwave.


Aimazing technology can be implemented with limited hardware (on any basic device with a speaker or microphone) without requiring any other specific hardware or OS system.

  • The new solution for mobile payments.

All mobile devices have speakers and microphones which Aimazing can tap on to provide a close proximity, secure and seamless transfer of data between devices — making Aimazing a complete replacement or alternative to NFC, bluetooth and QR codes.


Contactless Mobile Payment

Seamless Tap & Pay mobile payment experience that is compatible with any mobile device.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Facilitate seamless communication between technologies and devices, such as for the unlocking of Smart Digital Locks. A unique ‘Sound-Key’ is used which ensures security.

Online Purchases

Proximity-based authentication using soundwaves, to enable seamless and secure 2-factor authentication.








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