Contactless transactions between any devices – with Sound.


Provide your customers with the best payment experience.


Instant transactions are made with a Tap & Pay experience, through an inaudible soundwave transmitted between a microphone and a speaker.


Patent-pending proprietary algorithm and Aimazing Tokenization ensure security in every transaction.


Our technology can be implemented on any basic device with a speaker or microphone without requiring any specific hardware or OS system.

  • The new solution for mobile payments.





Contactless Mobile Payment

Seamless Tap & Pay mobile payment experience that is compatible with any smartphone.

Internet of Things Applications

There are possible IoT Applications, such as the unlocking of Smart Digital Locks. Unique ‘Sound-Key’ used to securely unlock digital locks.

Online Purchases

Proximity-based authentication using soundwaves, to enable seamless and secure 2-factor authentication.

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